Torch on

At Torch Communications we throw out the cookie cutters.

We offer the kind of creativity, flexibility and passion for our work that can have a lasting impact and service model better attuned to meet the needs of the innovation economy. We represent changemakers, adventurers, mavericks, and disruptive innovators in the technology sector who are at the forefront of transforming business and redefining the status quo. Our clients are immersed in some of the most dynamic trends that are reinventing the way we harness data and utilize technology, and our mission is to help them shape the way for the future.

With decades of experience and deep roots in some of the most thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems, no one understands better how to communicate the stories of game-changing ideas, products, and technologies with potential investors, partners, policy makers, customers and the public at large in order to thrive.

Our technology clients benefit from:

  • Our presence in the entrepreneurial communities in San Francisco/Silicon Valley and Boston
  • More than a decade’s worth of experience, from the launch of Sun Microsystems’ influential Java servers to the latest in web-enabled technologies for consumer and business applications
  • Close following and rapport with leading tech journalists and influencers
  • A healthy dose of geekery, whether it’s checking our Fitbits, ruminating on the latest Jeff Bezos biography, or reminiscing about Comic-Cons past

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